My tardy reasoning...

I’m a huge fan of the written word. To look at a blank piece of paper and know that the combination of words that are put on it can evoke any spectrum of emotions, intellect, or action is something that “powerful” can’t adequately describe.

So why not do what you love? Not for kudos or vainglory (though their appeal to human nature is well-proven) but just to say you contributed. Rightly. And that, in essence, is what I write for, to contribute.

My most earnest hope is that you enjoy what I have here and that it evokes something. Thought, conversation, even an undertaking of some sort, whatever it is, don’t let it be a passing fancy.

This is a proverbial “journey” for me, taking my writing seriously for the first time; please leave your comments, kudos, criticism, and questions. Let’s advance together…


aaron wilson, jr.


  1. Keep doing what you do. you know I'll let you know if its good or bad, you know i will