art of storytelling...2

At the apex of a grassy incline above a lair inhabited by Love, Sex, and Hate, there’s a small cabin made of stone. Normally, such a building would be called a home, yet in this case, it is simply called a cabin since it is surrounded by trees taller than its own roof.
There was nothing in it; no furniture, televisions or familial pictures on its walls. Just a lone chair that didn’t remember how it got there, but, nevertheless, found itself to be the only evidence of life in the empty place that could only use the sun through its one window for light.
Hate would walk up to the cabin, alone, just to get away from Sex and Love sometimes and sit to think of all of the power it had. It would try to figure out what new forms it could take to do its damage and cause chaos among the inhabitants of the world and even those that sought to destroy it.
Hate’s roommates, Sex and Love, were already settled in their ways. Hate had never been in Love’s room and didn’t want to be either it had decided. Sometimes it would visit with Sex, though, until Love would knock on the door and sweetly demand entry. Because, Sex could never deny Love when it came calling and Hate couldn’t stand to be in the same room with Love. At least, that’s what Hate tried to convince itself of.
The truth was that Hate and Love weren’t allowed to be in the same room because Love conquers all it touches and Hate’s only weakness was Love.
So, one day, Hate went to the cabin because Love and Sex were in a room together and it was horrible when they got together. Trees would grow and the yellow tulips on the front of Hate, Sex, and Love’s dwelling would open up and sing their arrival. Red roses blossomed around the perimeter of the house, that would become a home, and seven birds would come serenade the lair.
Hate could only stand the darkness of when it and Sex would get together. Nature would not come out for that, only a dark midnight that reeked of unpleasant lung-filling odors; eventually suffocating the room until the life was choked away from a soul. That was why nature would stay away, because there was no life there and nature can only survive with life.
There was a knock on the door and Hate looked up because everywhere it went, it was alone. It rose from the chair and looked around at the walls. They were suddenly covered with pictures of smiling, joyful faces, beautiful hills and valleys and stunning creatures. This angered Hate because it knew what was on the other side of the door: Love.
Hate looked around for a place to leave and saw the only exit was the small window the sun began peeking into just as it headed for it. Hate was much too big for the window and its anger only made it larger and slower to move.
Love began banging on the door and demanded to be let in, letting Hate know that it was trapped and this was the end of the road. Hate refused to quit and went over to the pictures, flinging to and fro around the cabin and trying to destroy everything in its sight. This was to no avail however, for Love had put the pictures there and whatever Love built could not be destroyed.
Sensing that its time was drawing nigh, Hate had one last idea. It had never tried before, but decided it was going to kill Love. If Hate could come up with the greatest disguise it ever had, it would be able to fool Love into thinking it was no longer there and then, would take the lone chair that rested in the cabin and beat Love with it. Because that was the only thing in the place that Love had not built.
Hate found its disguise; it would become a child, because Love could not resist children.
And with that, Hate opened the door and asked Love to follow it into the room that held the chair. However, Love was always smarter than Hate, and realized that this was only a ploy. When they entered the room together, Love asked Hate to come to it. Hate paused and said if only it would sit in the chair. Hate could feel itself getting weaker being so close to Love and had to act quickly. Because when Love walked over to the chair, Hate’s plan was to grab it from under Love and then beat the Hate into it.
Love agreed and stood next to the chair and said to the child that was Hate, “Child, whatever mistakes you make, I love you anyway and I forgive you.” Hate could not stand to be given any of this, this, Love and a tear dropped from the child’s eye, washing away part of its disguise.
Love grabbed the child and hugged it, thus ending the Hate inside.

The End.


  1. I actually really like the personification of the three entities. I wouldnt have mind a little more involvement of Sex to see how it is personified more. BUt I liked this.

  2. I appreciate your reading and leaving a comment. In a more extended story, Sex would have a bigger role but as I wrote this then I thought to focus more on the relationship between Love and Hate while also trying to show that Sex is a dangerously beautiful thing of power...depending on whose hands it's in.

  3. I actually wouldnt mind seeing a bigger role for Sex.